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Buy companies FAQ

Q: I can change the company name later on?
Answer: Yes, you can always change the company's name. But, like the new registered company name to be used, it is also subject to be checked with Company Registry. If the name you intend to use is available, you can submit the documents to the Company Registry to change its name. It will take about five days before you can receive a certificate issued by 
Company Registry.

Q: I can change the registered capital of it later on ? 
A: Yes, but generally speaking, you can only increase the amout of registered capital, it will be more troublesome to reduce capital. Please note that every time you increase the authorized share capital of HK $ 1,000, the government will charge you an interest tax at HK $ 1. For example, every time you increase the authorized share capital of one million, you will need to pay the cost of HK $ 1,000 to Hong Kong government..After the increase in authorized share capital, you will be required, to allocate the shares to the new or the old shareholders.